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Selected Compositions

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Large Ensemble

The Spooklight, for String Orchestra, 7 minutes

Fanfare for O, 3 minutes


Symphony No. 1 for Wind Ensemble, 21-22 minutes

New Haven Overture, 6 minutes

Flight of the Falcon, 3 minutes

Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble, 17 minutes



​​Taured, piano trio, 10 minutes


Trio Pastorale, flute oboe, bassoon, 4 minutes


No Words More Sweet, solo piano, 5 minutes


Blackwater, bass clarinet and piano, 7-8 minutes

Interplay, guitar and clarinet in A, 6 minutes

Escape, flute and piano, 8 minutes

Solar Wind, solo clarinet, 8 minutes

Miniatures for Solo Piano, 6 minutes

Six, flute, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, piano, violin, double bass, 15 minutes

Everything but the Kitchen Sink – five performers with various kitchen utensils, 5 minutes

Canon for B-flat Trumpet and C Trumpet, 4-5 minutes

Passacaglia, for alto saxophone and piano, 6 minutes



Songs of Summer, mezzo-soprano and piano, 17-18 minutes

The Sea of Sunset, SATB choir and piano, 3 minutes

The Dark Forest, SATB choir, 3 minutes

Songs of Winter, mezzo-soprano and piano, 12 minutes


Stratified, 6-7 minutes

Acoustic Levitation, 7 minutes


Flux, violin and electronics, 1 minute


Five Drops of Poison, 13-14 minutes,

Toy Box, 7 minutes

Trails, 7 minutes

Demon Blues (version for alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, and electronics), 8 minutes

Cuerpo, 5 minutes

Odin, 5 minutes


Underwater Worlds (medley of Mario Brothers water themes), by Koji Kondo, arranged for big band

Super Mario Brothers 2, by Koji Kondo, arranged for big band

Demon Blues, (version for small jazz ensemble)


In Memory of a Fallen Power Line


Recado Bossa Nova, by Djalma Ferriera, arranged for big band

Lunar Waltz​


Waiting for Lemmywinks


2010 - present

2010 - present

Ryan Woodhouse


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