Wind Ensemble

Fanfare for O, 3 minutes


Symphony No. 1 for Wind Ensemble, 21-22 minutes

New Haven Overture, 6 minutes

Flight of the Falcon, 3 minutes

Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble, 17 minutes



​​Taured, piano trio, 10 minutes


Trio Pastorale, flute oboe, bassoon, 4 minutes


No Words More Sweet, solo piano, 5 minutes


Blackwater, bass clarinet and piano, 7-8 minutes

Interplay, guitar and clarinet in A, 6 minutes

Escape, flute and piano, 8 minutes

Solar Wind, solo clarinet, 8 minutes

Miniatures for Solo Piano, 6 minutes

Six, flute, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, piano, violin, double bass, 15 minutes

Everything but the Kitchen Sink – five performers with various kitchen utensils, 5 minutes

Canon for B-flat Trumpet and C Trumpet, 4-5 minutes

Passacaglia, for alto saxophone and piano, 6 minutes



Songs of Summer, mezzo-soprano and piano, 17-18 minutes

The Sea of Sunset, SATB choir and piano, 3 minutes

The Dark Forest, SATB choir, 3 minutes

Songs of Winter, mezzo-soprano and piano, 12 minutes


Acoustic Levitation, 7 minutes


Flux, violin and electronics, 1 minute


Five Drops of Poison, 13-14 minutes,

Toy Box, 7 minutes

Trails, 7 minutes

Demon Blues (version for alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, and electronics), 8 minutes

Cuerpo, 5 minutes

Odin, 5 minutes


Demon Blues, (version for small jazz ensemble)


In Memory of a Fallen Power Line


Recado Bossa Nova, by Djalma Ferriera, arranged for big band

Lunar Waltz​


Waiting for Lemmywinks


Selected Compositions

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2010 - present

2010 - present

Ryan Woodhouse